Method Condoms: The Most Effective Birth Control

Male condoms made of plastic, membranes, or more often, and resin into the vagina to prevent the sperm into the woman's vagina during and after sex. This means that the effect of preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

How to use a condom.

         Used tear edge - zig-zag - edges, which is known as an easy to open edge of the condom. It is designed to be opened easily and quickly. Avoid the use of dental scissors, a knife or any other sharp instrument changes, because you will not dare to damage the condom.
         Where a condom, it may be difficult in some cases, especially if you are in a dark place. The best thing you can do is feel, which is as it should be included with your fingers. Otherwise, note that most of the regular condom lubricant lubricant on the outside, which means you should be able to decide how to celebrate it on the side of the condom lubricant.
         Sex condoms should all stand very close, but not quite, without a condom wrinkles. If it is not fully rolled into the vagina, it will fall off or break during intercourse.
         Check for damage or cracks - check the condom from time to time. If you notice that it is loose or damaged during sex, you should replace it immediately. The use of emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy and to prevent fertilization. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate and are afraid to seek advice from a doctor.
         Take the condom after ejaculation-floor access to condoms to prevent miscarriage or failure. This is to prevent vaginal condom Stock.
         Dispose of it properly, after a condom, tie the open end, consider wrapping it kradeasabangkon or tissue. Trash can dispose of the condom shot him.

female condoms

Female condom is worn inside the woman's vagina before sex. It is usually made from synthetic latex, which is called nitrile. Like the male condom, it also serves as a barrier to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

How to use?

         Healing the female condom out of his pocket. Do not open the package teeth, or any sharp, protecting it from damage.
         Condoms should be squeezing into a small ring at the closed end, and then carefully placed in the vagina.
         He needs to move into a condom?
         Gently pull the condom after sex, sperm comes out.
         The use of condoms in the trash and remember to release it in the toilet.

How does it work?

An important role of condoms to prevent the seed (seed), to reach the egg. It serves as a barrier to ensure that it does not ocurring fertilization. Condoms and spermicide kills sperm cells, lubricant quickly and efficiently.

Effective use of condoms is recommended that you should always use a condom before intercourse, because sperm are likely to be seen again until the man ejaculation and climax.

To prevent pregnancy, condoms to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Always remember to use a condom, even when having oral sex, because it can be a way for sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms must be entered correctly before sexual intercourse and removed immediately after ejaculation.

The benefits of using condoms

The easiest way is to use a condom to prevent pregnancy and are more effective methods of contraception available to other couples. Below is a list of the major benefits when used properly.

         This helps to protect and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
         It prevents unwanted pregnancy.
         This tool is a reliable and cost-effective when used properly.
         It can be used for all partners.
         This is not a hassle to use and easy to carry wherever you go.
         It is very easy to use, and can increase happiness (it depends on the type of condoms).
         It is not a study or prescription
         It is available almost everywhere and cheap.
         It is safe and secure, as opposed to birth control pills.
         This effect is neither male nor female.

The main thing to remember when using a condom

         Avoid tears open his condom with the changes.
         It is always recommended to use a condom when you have sex.
         It is not recommended to use condoms for men and women at the same time. Or should be enough.
         Condoms must be used before intercourse.
         Use a new condom every time you start having sex.
         Download the condom while the penis is still standing.
         Condom effectiveness depends on how the right to enter and use.
         Always use a condom, especially when sexual activity is spreading sexually transmitted diseases.
         Studying the effect of condoms is very important, because the material, which will degrade over time and can easily break if it is used beyond the expiration date.

Where to buy condoms.

Condoms are widely available in pharmacies and health clinics, family panning. But you can also find them in the supermarket and buy condoms online easily better. One example is to get them on Amazon and save them to a list if you want to buy it later, or you can order them correctly sometimes condoms can be purchased from a supplier in family planning clinics provide free condoms.

When it should be used.

Condoms must be worn at all times when you have sex with your partner. The effectiveness depends on the proper use of condoms. These two colleagues were responsible for a condom during sex.

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